Our Mission:

Selum Enterprise’s mission is to better the community of Warrensburg by donating all profits from producing, marketing, and selling a quality product at an affordable price.

About IBE

Traditionally, business schools have attempted to build business skills by having students get “real world” exposure by having them work with problems of existing business organizations by analyzing cases, and/or engaging in consulting projects. The Integrative Business Experience (IBE) takes the exact opposite approach. Instead of having students focus on what is inevitably a limited exposure to someone else's organization, IBE has students create and operate two organizations of their own. One is a start-up business (based on an actual bank loan of up to $5,000), and the other is focused on using the profit from their business to carry out a hands-on community service project.

Our charity of choice:

The Nehemiah Feeding Project is a nonprofit, charitable program designed for people (regardless of age, race, gender, etc.,) who are homeless, who are displaced due to natural disasters, have or do not have jobs, and those who are in need. Families are welcome! This project was started and is staffed by individuals of the Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church of Warrensburg, MO. Food is provided by the Harvesters Community Food Network of Kansas City, MO. Dinners are hosted every Monday and Tuesday from 6:00pm through 8:00pm at the church. Our company has chosen to donate our time and profits to the Nehemiah Feeding Project, in hopes that we can help them to better serve the community of Warrensburg.

Community hours completed:

800 hours and counting!

Profits donated to the Nehemiah Feeding Project:

To be announced in the not-too-distant future.