Mule Threads!


We are Mule Threads, a Non Profit organization part of the Inegrative Business Experience at The University Of Central Missouri, we strive to gain real world experience providing service to the Johnson County Survival Adult Abuse Center through starting and sustaining a successful business endeavor.

Survival Center

Community Service

Our company chose to dedicate our time and donate our profits to the Johnson County Survival Adult Abuse Center. We donated over 515 hours of community service by completing projects such as room renovation, painting, and donation organization.

Our Product

What We Sold

Tired of the plain old UCM logo on a plain shirt that only says "Choose Red"? We are. So we designed a new and fresh shirt, did a few surveys, and come find out? People love it. Not just students. But Alum, faculty, and just about everyone else.


At U-C-M It's Go Mules Go!

Without The University Of Central Missouri, none of this would be happening. We couldn't help the community, and we wouldn't have the chance to participate in such an opportunistic program.

Our Mission?

Create Successful Business Endeavor


By utilizing our business management, marketing, and CIS skills to implement a business plan that both profitable and sustainable..

Aid Community & Survival Center


By volunteering our service hours and our resources to the Survival Center.

Leave A Lasting Impression


By building a sustainable project in the form of a playground for the children at the Survival Abuse Center.

Who and How We Helped

Over the course of the Fall 2011 semester, Mule Threads had the pleasure of helping the Survival Adult Abuse Center. In a little more than 3 months, Mule Threads generated $11,482.49 in Sales Revenue. Of which, we donated $6,316.62 to Survival. We also donated over 515 community service hours to Survival. Ranging in activities from basic maintanence, to tearing down an existing playground for the children, buying a new playground, and installing it in the back yard. We also renovated a walk-in donation closet, sorting donated clothes, running food drives, painting, and cleaning out the garage.


Our Final Numbers

Loan Amount: $0.00 (Our pre-orders covered initial costs!)
Total Revenue: $11,482.49
Gross Profit: $6,316.62
Donated to Survival (Monetary): $4,716
Sustained Project Donated: $1,600 in the form of a Playground for the children.
Service Hours Donated: 515+

Product Pricing

Initially, our product sold for $15 each to anyone other than fellow IBE students, who we sold to at a discount price of $12. After Thanksgiving break, we dropped the price to $10 to try and get rid of stock. We then sold 48 shirts to Bookstore Manager, Charlie Rutt, at cost.


Thanks to everyone who had a part in Mule Thread's success!

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