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Service Work

We are doing our community service work for WILS, the West-Central Independent Living Solutions. We are going to be assisting them in creating ramps for local businesses that have accessibility issues.

We are also the first group that is going to be allowed to do a "Accessibility Survey" in Warrensburg businesses. The surveys will be put on Google Maps in order for families that have mobility issues to look up the different businesses and see if they will be able to visit that particular business.

Along with helping WILS with their projects, all of our profits for the semester will be donated to the Joplin Chamber of Commerce to help rebuild businesses, and to help entice new businesses to come to Joplin.

The final activity that our company will be doing is we will be taking a group trip down to Joplin in November and we will actually spend a day helping to physically rebuild the businesses that we are donating our money to.