MULEstrong and the Integrative Business Experience

Our Mission

MULEstrong is determined to make, market, and sell a product that is appealing to the students and faculty of the University of Central Missouri, and the members of the local community; a product that is also profitable in order to provide financial support to the Show-Me Christian Youth Home.

Our Product


Loan Amount:


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Benefiting the Show-Me Christian Youth Home



 Gildan Brand

 100% Cotton

 Unique Logo Design


 High Quality Neoprene

 Collapsible Design

 Free with each purchase of a T-Shirt!

Our Charity: The Show-Me Christian Youth Home

Since 1967, Show-Me Christian Youth Home has been dedicated to providing for children in need of a loving, caring, and structured home. With its headquarters located in LaMonte, Missouri, Show-Me and all of its remote locations promote the physical, emotional, educational, and spiritual development for each child that comes through its doors. It is our goal as a company to provide Show-Me with financial support, funded by the sales of our product, as well as committing our time in community service.

Service List

 Renovated Show-Mes baseball field concession stand. Repainted the walls and cabinetry, replaced the old ceiling and insulation.

 Painted bleachers

 Provided childcare