Product Info:

  1. 24” (width) x 18” (height) making this poster perfect for any home or office.

  2. Can be easily laminated or put in a picture frame for protection.

  3. For your convenience we will provide a high clarity polyethylene cover for each poster.

  4. Top-of-the-line text gloss

  5. Pricing is now only $5 per poster.

Product Description:

Our poster is like looking through a portal that illustrates the past and present events of the University. It features high quality pictures and amazing graphics along with a timeline of name changes from the University’s past.  Some of these pictures include (from left to right) the five name changes of the University, the Normal School’s first sporting teams, and social gatherings through the years. Our poster also features  graduations from along the years, Sky Haven Airport, Central Buildings past and present, and the University’s municipal band. This poster is not only decorative but also informative as it contains pictures from the campus fire in the early 1900’s.

Product Extra’s:

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