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MuleBreakers is an Integrative Business Experience (IBE) Company for the Spring 2017 semester. We are dedicated to raising as much money as possible for our chosen charity, ChildSafe of Central Missouri. We plan on raising funds through donations or sales of our UCM windbreakers. We will also help ChildSafe by offering our time and service to their organization. All profits go to ChildSafe to help their efforts against child abuse.

The Integrative Business Experience (IBE) offers a special way of introducing students to the Big Picture of how businesses operate. Traditionally, business schools have attempted to build these skills by having students get real-world exposure by having them work with problems of existing business organizations by analyzing cases and/or engaging in consulting projects. IBE takes exactly the opposite approach. Instead of having students focus on what is inevitably a limited exposure to someone else’s organization, we have them create and operate two organizations of their own.

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