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Echo Effect is a company within the Integrative Business Experience (IBE) at the University of Central Missouri. Students in IBE are part of a Marketing, Computer Information Systems, and Management class. In IBE, students decide upon a product, market that product, select a charity, acquire a loan, and sell the product. All profits made off of the product are then donated to that charity.

For more information about ECHO please visit their website.

Echo Effect is partnering with the Early Childhood Hunger Operation (ECHO) in efforts to donate $5,000.00 and over 100 service hours. Since 2010, the Early Childhood Hunger Operation (ECHO) has provided pre-school age children with "backpack" meals in the Warrensburg and Knob Knoster areas. ECHO was started by students at the University of Central Missouri and currently helps more than 100 children in danger of food insecurity.Our Mission

Our Mission

Echo Effect is an IBE company focused on actively supporting the initiative of the Early Childhood Hunger Operation (ECHO) by volunteering service hours and donating all company profits. By April 28th, 2017 our company will provide ECHO with a minimum of 100 service hours, sell 500 units of product and leave a lasting impact on ECHO.

Overall Contributions to ECHO

Echo Effect donated $3,365.67 to ECHO. Initially, Echo Effect requested a loan for $1,664 to order 500 Fidget Cubes from an overseas vendor. Echo Effect sold 496 Fidget Cubes for a total net income of $6,828.83. After expenses and repayment of the loan Echo Effect was still able to donate $3,365.67. For complete financial details please refer to the .pdf below.


Financial Statement PDF

Lasting Impact on ECHO

Echo Effect requested that ECHO be rent-free from the their use of the Startup Center. Rent is $100 a month for ECHO. Through the elimination of rent, ECHO can save $1,200.00/year and put that money towards helping more children with the problem of food insecurity. That $1,200.00 equates to 1,800 pounds of food that ECHO can give to children in need. Rent-free status was secured April 2017 and to begin May 2017.  

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