Coasting is part of the IBE hands-on experience that helps prepare all of the students for their future. IBE stands for Integrative Business Experience. This semester we will create and manage two different projects, a start-up company where we will create, market, and sell a single product and a hands-on community service project to make an impact on a charity of our choosing.Since 2004 IBE students have made $440,000 from products, $240,000 in donations, and volunteered 17,000 hours to help local nonprofits.

Our Company has volunteered a total of 403 community service hours over the course of the Spring 2016 semester to the Warrensburg Animal Shelter. During our time with the Animal Shelter we built them a new dog house that livens up the entrance to the shelter. By the end of the semester we were able to raise $2500 for the shelter. The product that we chose was a set of four high quality coasters with a vibrant UCM design, which is why we chose our company name, Coasting. We sold each set for $15 with all the proceeds going to the Animal Shelter. Here is our product:

Check out Coasting's financials!

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