Our Product

FAME Bluetooth Speakers - $30

These speakers connect via Bluetooth or Auxiliary cord, with an average battery life of 4+ hours. Both red and black speakers were available with the UCM logo/mule printed on the top.

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Overview of our financial summary for the Spring 2016 semester:

  • Loan Received: $1,400.00
  • Net Profit/Donated: $4,051.53

Service Hours

Central Sound has dedicated over 300 volunteer hours to the Johnson County Food Center.

Central Sound's major project for the Johnson County Food Center was the development of a database to allow them to keep track of the customers they receive daily. This database allows them to schedule appointments, track customer interactions, and provide reports to their Board effectively and accurately. Another major project that was done was building a portable front desk for the center, this allows a better flow of customers when they walk in the door, they can easily be helped.

Our Charity

Johnson County Food Center - Visit Page

Johnson County Food Center is located in Warrensburg MO. Founded in 1993, they have helped thousands of families in need in the Johnson County area. JCFC helps feed as many as 500 families each month.

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