Mission Statement

Epic Mule Time is dedicated to helping the Early Childhood Hunger Operation (ECHO) grow and become a more prominent charity in the community of Warrensburg by providing a quality product that will further connect our community with the University of Central Missouri.


ECHO targets those younger children that rely on a subsidized breakfast, lunch and snack -- those that are part of the 40,000 families supported by child care subsidies in Missouri. These young children have suffered during the economic crisis, as many day care employees already know.

ECHO provides backpacks to preschool children prefilled with food. These backpacks are intended to supplement the dietary needs of these children while they are out of school for the weekend. Backpacks are distributed to families based on level of need. Presently, the children with need are identified by their day care center, but any parent or guardian that is interested in supplementing their child's diet can ask to be involved.

About IBE

Traditionally, business schools have attempted to build business skills by having students get "real world" exposure by having them work with problems of existing business organizations by analyzing cases, and/or engaging in consulting projects. The Integrative Business Experience (IBE) takes the exact opposite approach. Instead of having students focus on what is inevitably a limited exposure to someone else's organization, IBE has students create and operate two organizations of their own. One is a start-up business (based on an actual bank loan of up to $5,000), and the other is focused on using the profit from their business to carry out a hands-on community service project.

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