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Integrative Business Experience : Spring 2011

Our product is a 16 ounce red acrylic cup with a white UCM logo. It is double walled to prevent condensation. It has a screw on lid with a rubber seal to prevent leaks. The cup has a matching straw with a grommet to keep it from falling out. This cup is recyclable and BPA free.

This cup can be taken to the basement of the Elliot Union (Central Courte) where you can fill up the cup for only $0.39. Also, this cup can be taken to the dining halls on campus and used as a to-go cup with paid admittance. Both of these offers will last through 12/15/2011. There will be $.51 refills at Break Time. Also, $.83 refills at Casey's Convenience Store. Discounted refills are also allowed at QuikTrip and Planet Sub.

Cups of Hope decided to work with ECHO (Early Childhood Hunger Operation) because they were a fairly new organization that was developed by UCM entrepreneurial students. ECHO helps out Johnson County preschool children in need by providing them with backpacks of non-perishable food for the weekends.

ECHO’s mission is to provide backpacks to preschool/daycare children prefilled with food. These backpacks are intended to supplement the dietary needs of these children while they are out of school for the weekend. Backpacks will be distributed to families based on level of need.

Our work for ECHO includes stuffing the backpacks, delivering and picking up the backpacks from local daycares, food and donation drives, as well as moving them to a new, more permanent location. We also cleaned some daycares that work with ECHO so the children could have a cleaner place to play.

The move for ECHO was our sustainable project. They were needing to move to a house owned by UCM but it needed some work done before they could move in. Cups of Hope removed all the trash and took all the decals off the walls, painted the walls, and helped ECHO move in.

To learn more about ECHO visit their website here. You can also find ECHO on Facebook!

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