Water proof plastic playing cards, encased in a plastic case with the University of Central Missouri Logo selling for $10 a deck.


                                       `            Mission Statement:

Mules with Hearts is dedicated to connecting hearts by assisting homeless children and donating our time to the community.  This mission will be achieved through profits by creating and selling durable and unique playing cards and working to improve the local environment, while maintaining the standards of the University of Central Missouri and the Integrative Business Experience program.

Our Product:

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Connected Hearts is a local community organized to help school-aged children and provide funds to the Warrensburg School District.  Their purpose is to prevent homelessness in Warrensburg by identifying and helping at risk children identified in collaboration with the school district.  To learn more click here

Connected Hearts

Bank Loan: $1,500.00


Profit: $4,068.50


Total Service Hours: 829.5