Mission Statement

At I Be MO' Dry, our mission is to provide a quality product to the surrounding community. We are dedicated to assisting Big Brothers Big Sisters of Johnson County by committing time, money, and resources in order to impact a generation of children. Through this experience, we strive to obtain the knowledge and skills required to succeed in our business environment.

Team Picture

Our Product

Our Product was a Velour 30x60 Beach Towel with 24x28 inch University of Central Missouri Logo.


  • 1 Towel was $20
  • 2 Towels were $35
  • 4 Towels or more were $15 each
  • Later in the Semester, we did a price break of $15 for all towels

Big Brothers Big Sisters

The mission of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Johnson County is to help children reach their potential through professionally supported, one-to-one relationships with mentors that have a measurable impact on youth. Our vision is to match a Big to every child who needs and wants one.

Big Brothers Big Sisters

Here is a picture of a few of our Company Members alongside Stormy, our Partner from Big Brothers Big Sisters at their Annual Trivia Night.


Bank Loan, Total Profits and Service Hours

  • Bank Loan Amount: $1847
  • Total Profit: $5565
  • Total Service Hours: 445