Our Service During Fall 2016:

•Over the course of the semester, we had just over $1,000 donated to our charity. Collectively, we had 136 company service hours. We did three charity projects. The first was a lawn clean-up at Terri's house. The second was a garage clean-up at Terri's house. Lastly, we did a dog walk, which was very profitable.


Paws 4 Autism

• Paws 4 Autism's mission is “ To provide  Autism Service Dogs and related services, including community outreach and education, service dog awareness, informational training, social skills classes and innovative transitional job skills to youth and young adults who demonstrate autism spectrum behaviors.”

• Our mission for PAWS is to dedicate our time and efforts into planning a service event dog walk to help raise awareness and donations for PAWS by getting as many participants to come out to the University of Central Missouri campus on November 12th @ 11am and to have you all be a part of this exciting event AND get your very own Mule Mug that will make all of this possible!


• Paws 4 Autism's vision is For those with spectrum behaviors to have access to specifically trained autism service and/or therapy dogs to assist with their peer interaction, improve social integration in their schools and communities and provide the opportunity for these young adults to learn and train for a career in the dog training community.”

• Our vision for PAWS is to provide the funds and resources that are desperately needed to gain PAWS the ability to have the space and necessities to train more than 7 Poodles up to standard out of a house at a time, and to help not just 32 families at a time but all 200+ families that have to be turned down each month.

Helping Families And Children Connect to the World..... 4 Paws at a Time

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