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 Fall 2016 Mule Mugs

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Our Mule Mugs are a 20 oz., stainless steel, double wall, vacuum sealed tumbler, with a BPA free plastic lid. This product has the UCM logo on one side, and on the opposite side there is the Fighting Mule that is the insignia for UCM athletics. Our product is set apart from our competitor's product by the fact that we will sell our product at a cheaper price than most other stainless steel tumblers of similar quality, we will also have the UCM and Fighting Mule insignia on our tumbler. The final way our product is set apart from others, is that our proceeds are benefiting Paws for Autism.

Our officers include Jared Clasen (CEO), Jordan Snyder (COO), Brett Heckman (Secretary), Jeff Loudon (Operating Manager). We have a business matrix hierarchy with Jared Clasen our CEO, Jordan Snyder our COO and Brett Heckman our secretary. From there we have a direct management team that oversees the different departments and are our liaisons to the CEO and COO. Jeff Loudon is the Operation Manager and he oversees all of the department managers. They all make sure we all are staying on task and report everything up and down the chain of command for us. These department managers are Tierra Jones (accounting), Brad Larkin (IT), Daniel Staggs (Marketing), Blake Wellinghoff (Shipping and Receiving), and Justin Oswald (Inventory).

End of Semester Achievements Through IBE:

  • ♢Secured a loan of $1,327 and repaid it with pre-sales alone
  • ♢Made over $4,500 in profits that will go to Paws 4 Autism
  • ♢Secured an additional $1,000+ in donations to benefit Paws 4 Autism


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