East Side Sweatshirts
​Fall 2016

Price: $25

Company Financials
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About Us
We are an IBE, Integrated Business Experience, company mostly composed of Juniors and Seniors. We are a not for profit company.
We are a mix of Marketing, Management, Entrepreneur, Computer Information Systems, and Accounting majors. We have been tasked with creating a product with the intentions of giving all profits to our charity Manna Harvest.

Our mission at East Side Sweatshirts is to facilitate the work of Manna Harvest. Through passion and teamwork our goal is to raise over $2,000 through the sales of charcoal grey sweatshirts with the UCM logo on the front pocket and University of Central Missouri text on the back, assist in organizing their warehouse, and build over 10 shelves to help with food storage.

Our Company Staff
  1. Miranda Mefford
    Business President
  2. Eric Burt
    Service President
  3. Morgan Schomburg
  4. Jason Vogt
    Accounting Manager
  5. Marion Cole
    Inventory Manager
  6. Hunter Avondet
    IT Manager

Manna Harvest

Manna Harvest is a non for profit organization located at Shiloh Baptist Church. Manna Harvest focuses on feeding the hungry and looking for solutions on fixing hunger and poverty within the community. They also provide services that help people obtain the services they need such as dental, doctors visits, or possibly employment.
Link to Manna Harvest Website:

Charity Work

Game night

Building Shelves

We will be hosting a game and trivia night on Saturday December 3rd and Shiloh Baptist Church in Warrensburg, Missouri. We are hosting the event for anybody in Warrensburg to attend, but we are mostly looking forward to meeting the lovely people associated with Manna Harvest and try to get to know them a little better.
We built shelves for Manna Harvest in order for them to better maintain their inventoty of food.

Total Service hours: 270 Service Hours