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Giving back to those who gave us freedom

About Freedom Flags

Meet Company Memebers


Ashley Ficken


Billy Maloney

Marketing Team

Jace Kaleikau

Tyler Logan

Brittani Bax

Elizabeth Renderos

Nolan Denton

Kimberly Lor

Carly Thomas

Joe McDevitt

Charity Service

Jaymee Fee

Lindsey Dawson

Kylie Storts

Derick Sanders

Miles Orscheln

Abby Rhodes

Dillon Bauer


Victor Brancato

Britney Wolf

Kobi Key

Zhenyu Chen

Matt Long

Ziyad Bukhari

Nick Prewitt

Travis Henderick

Connor Shene

Company Statistics

Loan Amount
$ 500

Products Sold
474 flags

Total Revenue
$ 12992.5

Donations from People
$ 1793

Total Expense
$ 7166.51

Profit Amount
$ 8118.61

Amount Donated to Charity
$ 7618.61

Service Hours Completed
436.18 Hours

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