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          What is Thrive?
The THRIVE program gives students with intellectual and developmental disabilities a chance at a real college experience. Helping them transistion from home to independence. It's a 2 year resident college experience at the University of Central Missouri!

       What is IBE?

     During the first semester of their junior year, IBE ( Integrated Business Experience) students are required to concurrently enroll in three junior - level core business courses (Marketing -MKT 3405, MAnagement - MGT 3315, and Information Systems - CIS 3630) along with an entrepreneurship and community service practicum course. Second, the content coverage and many of the assignments in the core courses are specifcally sequenced to support students in the organizing and managing their business and service ventures. Students are able to make the conceptual connections across disciplines because, on an ongoing basis, they are using concepts and tools from all three courses to guide their decisions in the business and service organizations.


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