Fall 2014

The Intergrative Business Experience(IBE)

The Integrative Business Experience (IBE) offers a special way of introducing students to the Big Picture of how businesses operate. Traditionally, business schools have attempted to build these skills by having students get real-world exposure by having them work with problems of existing business organizations by analyzing cases and/or engaging in consulting projects. IBE takes exactly the opposite approach. Instead of having students focus on what is inevitably a limited exposure to someone else’s organization, we have them create and operate two organizations of their own. It does this by having first-semester business majors co-enroll in 4 courses: Marketing, Information Systems, Management, and an IBE Practicum Course.

The 2 organizations are:

  • A real start up business
    which includes:

    1. Developing an idea for a product or service they can sell. 2. Apply for a bank loan up to $5,000.
    3. Develop a marketing strategy to sell the product or service and implement that strategy.
    4.Close out the company at the end of the semester.
  • Community organization
    which includes:
    Each member of the company actively participating in community service events. All service actives contribute to the profit given to a charity of the company's choice.

For more information about IBE please click here.