Fall 2014

The Thirst Project

H2MO will be working with and raising money for the Thirst Project. 100% of the public donations go DIRECTLY towards building water projects.


The Thirst Project is working to end the water crisis because they are confident that before anything else, water is essential to life. WITH clean water, it brings education, it brings public health, and it brings job opportunities.


The fact is that 760 MILLION people on this planet don't have access to safe drinking water (1 in 9 people). Entire countries are living without the water they need to survive. Water borne diseases kill more children every single year than aids, malaria, and world violence combined. That fact alone represents how real and how huge this crisis really is. Every 19 seconds, a child dies of a water related disease. Not just drinking water, but collecting water is very serious. On average women and children walk 3.5 miles to collect water for their families. This normally takes 6-8 hours a day, so women cannot get a job or provide for their families, because their ENTIRE LIFE is dedicated to carrying, collecting, and transporting water.


But thankfully The Thirst Project found a very simple solution to the global water crisis. Whenever they establish a freshwater welsl in a community, they have found that clean water changes everything.


Disease rates drop 88%

Child Mortality rates drop 90% OVERNIGHT

Women can get jobs and provide for their families because they aren't walking for water. Children have the opportunity to go to school and educate themselves because water is now readily accessible. 

Water brings health, education, and job opportunities.


With all this being said, what sets them apart from any other water charity or non-profit is that they understand the power of youth. They have acknowledged that without the help of students, young creative and intelligent individuals, it is not possible to change the world. Students are the most powerful agents of social change, and without our help, world change simply would not occur.


You can visit the Thirst Project's website and donate to them directly by clicking on the logo at the bottom of the page.


Our company's goal is to raise money to help build a clean-water well and save lives! We also want to raise awareness about the global water crisis.

For more information about The Thirst Project click here.