Blankets From Bigs


Mission Statement

"Blankets From Bigs is dedicated to providing funds and services that will help empower children through a fun and unconditional relationship built by Big Brothers Big Sisters while enhancing our business knowledge, experience and skill set."


Blankets From Bigs conducted a survey through to determine what our customers would be most interested in buying from us. In the end, Blankets From Bigs chose to sell a quality black fleece blanket with a mule head logo on the corner of the blanket. It also came with a red strap for easier transportation for our customers.

Company Summary


Our Financials were handled through our Accounting Team, who collected and recorded receipts from sold blankets by the company members. All of this was done in a neat and orderly fashion alongside the Inventory Team to keep track of both finances and inventory. This was to make sure records match as to have a minimal amount of mistakes throughout the semester.

Financial Totals

Financial Records


Who did we choose and why?

Blankets From Bigs wanted to give back to a local charity that helped kids within our area. After thinking over all of our options we chose to give our company proceeds to the Big Big Brothers Big Sisters of Johnson County.

What is Big Brothers Big Sisters?

Big Brothers Big Sisters is a non-profit, child-mentoring program. Big Brothers Big Sisters of Johnson County supports children and their families by offering positive, adult role models to children who can benefit from the relationship. The goal is to empower a child through a fun, unconditional relationship.

What events did we help put together as a company?

Where will our funds be going?

The funds raised will be used to match children on their waiting list with volunteers and to screen volunteers and families. While the community has been very supportive in 2012, they still have a funding gap that they are working hard to raise enough funding to keep up with their growing program.

How does Big Brothers Big Sisters work?

Professional trained Case Managers try and match Bigs and Littles who share similar interest, hobbies and morals. Bigs and Littles spend time together doing normal, everyday activities like walking the dog, cooking, or playing video games. School based volunteers spend one lunch hour a week hanging out with a child at school. To be a Little in the Big Brothers Big Sisters community based mentoring program you must be between the ages of 7 and 14 and be from a one-parent or other non-traditional family. Also, school based Littles must be enrolled in one of our program schools.

How big is Big Brothers Big Sisters?

There are 800 other Big Brothers Big Sisters agencies across the U.S. Although it is a satellite of the Greater KC office, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Johnson County are financially independent from the Greater KC office.

Our Community Service Event

For our community service event we planned a Carnival style Halloween party that had different games and activities for children to play. It was fun for the entire family and all ages enjoyed their time with us. Our individual goal for each person is to have ten hours of community service completed, and we reached that!

Company Members

Blankets From Bigs had the best company members anyone could ask for! We had great teamwork throughout the semester through our selling efforts as well as participating in our service events with Big Brothers Big Sisters. Here is a list of our wonderful company members (click to view personal site):

Information Technology Team

Bhattarai, Sugat
Biermann, Eric
Connors, Justin
Creed, Nathaniel
Francy, Nathan
Raney, Dillyn

Marketing Team

Chmiel, David
Corbett, Charlie
Hill, Cheree'
Jacobs, Brady
McKinney, Tara
Muenks, Ryan
Orf, Luke
Price, Tim
Roberts, Jake

Inventory & Accounting Team

Craig, Emily
Hagenhoff, Angie
Johnson, Kellie
Sappington, Kate
Youngblood, Paige

Community Service Team

Groeger, Alex
Schultz, Courtney
Spitzer, Tiffany
Steffens, Jill
Townsend, Cara
Schultz, Courtney
Spitzer, Tiffany
Steffens, Jill
Townsend, Cara