Our Mission Statement:
       MoActive IBE Company believes that all children regardless of income or family situation should have the opportunity to participate and enjoy an active lifestyle. We plan to accomplish this by incorporating service projects and product sales marketed towards the Warrensburg Community as well as the University of Central Missouri as a whole. In our efforts we strive to better our understanding of the business world.             
 Our Product:
      MoActive chose the h2go aluminum classic - 24oz water bottle because it corresponded with our essential conditions of having a modest selling price, quality, "Green", a purpose, marketable to Warrensburg Community, and origniality. Also the water bottle suits our motto of "Release your inner mule!" We sold 750 water bottles in the Fall 2010 semester.

      Warrensburg Park and Recreation’s Youth Scholarship FUNd's donations go to helping underprivileged youth of  Warrensburg participate in programs at Warrensburg Community Center. FUNds are running out! As of September 2, 2010 $9,415.00 has been issued in FUNding for 2010. MoActive contrubuted all profits ($5002.52) it generated from fundrasing and sales of our UCM Water Bottles to the Youth Scholarship FUNd.

 Special Thanks:
 MoActive would like to thank everyone in Warrensburg, The Harmon College of Business, and The University of Central Missouri who helped us help Warrensburg Park and Recreations Youth Scholarship FUNd.


 Final Numbers:
Loan Amount: $1,636.00
 Donations Amount: $137.63
 Fundraising: $1,266.72
 Revenue from Sales: $5,761.75
 Net Profit Given to Charity: $5,002.52
 Service Hours Donated:  432 Hours


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