May 1-5
Finals week and final company presentation

About IBE
Integrated Business Experience (IBE) was started in January 2004 at ucmo. IBE was inspired by the MG101 program at Bucknell University in Lewisburg Pennsylvania and by the IBCore program at University of Oklahoma in Norman Oklahoma. IBE provides the students with the opportunity to develop interpersonal and group interaction skills in a work like setting. It also helps students to learn from their experience of trying to apply key business concepts and analytical tools to solve a wide range of unstructured but very real problems.

IBE is a set of 4 classes that assist students in preparing and running a real business. From the knowledge that students gain, they are able to apply the knowledge right back into their business organizations. It's a very fun and hands-on way to learning! To top it off, any profit that the student's business make, goes to a charity.

To take a closer look at IBE, why not click on the link below.

*IBE Official Website*