May 1-5
Finals week and final company presentation

Service Project
For our service project we are teaming up with Free Trails to help clear a bike trail at Knob Noster State Park. We plan on clearing a four mile northern loop by the beginning of May. Our job will mainly consist hauling off brush and trees that are in the way of the path. Click the link below to learn more about Free Trails.

*Free Trails*

We also plan to incorporate the kids from the Show-Me Christian Youth Home in our bike trail fun. Having them help us clear the trail will give the kids something to feel proud of. After all their hard work with us, we are going to try to get bikes donated so that they can enjoy the trail! This is also the charity that we plan on giving all of our profits too. It will be used for sporting equipment and possible a new weight room for them! Click the link below if you wish to learn more about Show-Me Christian Youth Home.

*Show-Me Christian Youth Home*