May 1-5
Finals week and final company presentation



KiK is committed to selling a unique, high-quality product to individuals with an affiliation to UCM. Through this process, we will effectively learn and grow as individuals and make our company succeed by maximizing profits to donate to Show Me Christian Youth Home.

The online store has been shut down due to our final presentation of the check being handed out during the week of May 1-7. KIK really appreciates all your support in our learning experience and we hope that you enjoy your coolers!!! Also, a few more pictures of us working on the bike trail have been added.

A few minor touch ups to the site have been done. I also have added a few customer reviews!

New pictures have been added to the Photo section. They consist of a company picture, team pictures, and pictures of the loan presentation! Also, the online store is up and running! So if you are interested in purchasing a cooler and are not in the Warrensburg area please visit the Product link on the left!

The loan presentation to the bankers was a huge success! We were granted our loan and ordered our product right away. Now we are in a period of working on our marketing/Ads for after spring break. We will have our product before spring break is over! So make sure you keep some extra money to purchase one!

It's crunch time for KiK right now. Our loan presentation is due next Wednesday and we are working hard to get prepared. I am also trying to finish up the website.