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My job in Central Time is Head of Marketing. I was in charge of developing surveys, flyers, table tents, t-shirts, display case and setting up tables to sell at various places.


After we narrowed down our products to 4, the marketing committee was in charge of creating a survey. This survey was developed to find out what our target market wanted. We asked questions such as: Which product would you buy? How much would you pay for each of these products? After our survey was complete, we handed them out to our target market- students, professors, and faculty.  These questions along with a few others, helped us settle on our product, the timeline poster, and what our price would be.


After we settled on our product, I developed a flyer which we hung around campus and at local businesses. This flyer had a picture of our poster on it along with the price and contact information so people could call and purchase a poster. To see the flyer, click here.


The marketing team developed a table tent to promote our product. We put these tents on tables in all of the dining halls and in the Union which is approximately 250 tables.


We developed a t-shirt for company  members to wear while selling the posters. This was just another way to get our name out into the community and to get people asking: Who is Central Time?


To display our product, we set up a display case in the Union. This display case is seen by hundreds of people every day as it is in the Union, a place where students, teachers, and faculty go to eat, work, or shop at the bookstore. The display case showed everyone what our product was, who are service was, and how they could buy a poster.


As a way to sell to more people than just who we see on campus, we set up tables at the football games, basketball games, and at Wal-Mart. We not only sold posters but we collected donations for Habitat for Humanity. By setting up these tables we were able to sell over 50 posters and collect over $600 in donations.







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