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The Johnson County Food Pantry


The Johnson County Food Pantry is a nonprofit, cooperative community effort to supplement the food supply of low-income individuals and families.  It also supplies food in emergency situations. Each month the center serves over 350 Johnson County households totaling more than 1200 individuals, whom over 40% are children,  Included in the total number is an average of thirty new families each month.


November 1, 2007, for the first time in 10 years, the food pantry had to put out a cry for help. They are now asking the community to donate anything they can. The food pantry has to fill out several grants a year just to survive.

The Johnson County Food Pantry is funded by Johnson County United Way, the Bishop’s Emergency Assistance Fund, FEMA, charitable agencies, memorials, and gifts from businesses, churches, organiztions and individuals like us.



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