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- Dec 9, 2005 -  COMPANY PARTY!!!

The company party will be the talk of the town on Friday, December 9th.  BYOB!! It will be located at Patrick Nurses' apartment.  Be sure to get directions if you don't know how to get there.  Bring a coat!


-Dec 8, 2005 - Final Presentation Work.

We're all here in the library working on our final presentation

 and having a blast, should be an interesting performance tomorrow.



- Dec 3, 2005 - Wal-Mart Wish List

BURRRR!! It was cold on December 3rd but we

did score a lot of good items for the Red Cross!

Many people donated items and we had a blast!





-September 7, 2005 -  Loan Approved!!-

After weeks and weeks of loan preparation work, N.A.S. Co. comes out with a stunning loan presentation and acquires the required loan to start production!  Video of us giving the presentation will be coming soon!

"Our supplier should have the file they need to start production by Tuesday, September 11th."    -Patrick Nurse, C.E.O. of N.A.S. Co.

"I'm sure our product will sell, and we will hit our profit marks before the first quarter."               -Serafin Magana, N.A.S. Co.

-Last updated September, 10 2005


-September 3, 2005- Loan Dry Runs-

N.A.S. Co. gave a good loan dry run today and is ready for the real presentation friday. 

"We will bring our game faces on friday." Justin Bergfeld, VP Finance/IT

-Last updated September, 7 2005